Andesine 4.12cts



Named after the Andes Mountains of South America, Andesines is a relatively new gemstone in the market. Although it has yet to be proven, some believe that a limited deposit of natural red Andesine from an alluvial source in Congo is the origin of this material. Andesine has a lovely red, reddish pink, and orange-pink color, which rivals the color of other more valuable red gemstones. Some of these gemstones even exhibit a colour-changing effect in different lighting.

Mohs Scale Hardness

6.0 - 6.5

Specific Gravity

2.66 - 2.68



Refractive Index

nα = 1.543 - 1.554
nβ = 1.547 - 1.559
nγ = 1.552 - 1.562